Safety: Our Top Priority

"A note of thanks to Hannan Construction for a job well done! The time constraints, sensitivity of our personnel and the start/stop nature of our schedule made this a complex and fast-paced project, but your team handled it beautifully. You created a very efficient and safe work environment that allowed your crew to stay on schedule, with minimal impact to our working staff while protecting the safety and privacy of our personnel. The expectations we have in our organization are very high and I am confident saying that Hannan exceeded them."


- Director of Logistics and Facilities, Atlanta Professional Sports Team


Our Commitment to Safety

At Hannan Construction, we believe in working safely and effectively. We approach safe working practices proactively, holding routine job site safety training and pre-task planning meetings. Job site safety training is led by the project superintendent and attended by all trades to address job site specific safety concerns. Pretask planning meetings are held before all critical task activities to address coordination issues prior to task execution.

We approach every task through a simple process: we plan, we coordinate, we confirm, and then we execute. Through these simple steps, we assess safety concerns before they can become risks to ensure that all team members work safely and return home soundly.


Safety is the Top Priority

Hannan Construction begins projects with site-specific safety plans that address safety concerns before they become issues. We believe that this is paramount to a successful project. Our team members are asked to work hard and trust that Hannan Construction will provide a well run jobsite. Trust is not taken lightly, and we hold ourselves accountable to provide a clean, safe, and efficient job site. During the enabling phase, we take measures to protect building systems, install adequate construction lighting, provide temporary power, and setup adequate operation facilities to maintain daily operations and receive material deliveries.

We will work with building management to properly coordinate deliveries and to maximize material staging. Logistics and planning have a significant impact on the flow of construction.