Our Leadership

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help on this project. I don’t want to take away from others that have helped but the Hannan Team were the ones that gave me comfort that it was going to get done. From Amadeus, but mostly me, thank you for all your help."


- Oscar A. Rau, Regional Manager (Global Real Estate North America, Amadeus)

Mark Hannan

LEED ID+C President

Mark is a veteran that has served his country as an enlisted soldier and an officer. He is also a veteran in the construction industry.

Mark believes that as the Leader of Hannan Construction that he should be involved in every project. Mark believes in creating high performing teams that “wow” themselves and their clients. In Atlanta, Mark was instrumental in the successful growth of a commercial construction company consistently ranked in the top 25 general contractors.

Mark believes that follow through, trust, respect for everyone in the process, and hard work were critical in obtaining a 78% repeat client base. He believes in setting the example through doing. When he decides to do something he has the drive and discipline to transform concepts and ideas into completed projects.


Meet the Hannan Construction Team


The goal of our team is to build on our core values of trust and respect to deliver a better experience for our clients. All competent construction companies will deliver the physical end result- that is not enough. We are unique in our approach because we value the experience as much as the finished product.


Please contact us regarding your upcoming project. Hannan Construction will be glad to discuss the details of your project and communicate how we can leverage our services to benefit your construction and building needs.