Our Company

"As both projects here are wrapping up, I just wanted to take the opportunity to mention what a pleasure it has been to work with Hannan Construction. Your Superintendent is by far one of the nicest superintendents I’ve had to work with. Your team has been solution driven when problems arise, very professional, always looking to make the client happy, easy going and overall just great. I will definitely be requesting them on future projects."


- Construction Manager, Biotech Firm



Hannan Construction was founded in 2011 on the principle of building lasting relationships through trust and respect. Since our inception, we have successfully completed over $214MM of construction projects. We are often asked what size project is our “sweet spot.” The answer is always very simple, “We take care of our clients on all projects.” Our repeat client rate is 94%, and customer service is the focus of our business.


Our Expertise

When Hannan Construction was founded, we had a green field and we took advantage of it. We had the wisdom from years of experience on our team; and we took the best of small, medium, and large construction companies to develop our cloud-based systems. We developed a streamlined approach to running a construction business. Gone are the layers where people try to complicate processes to show value. Hannan Construction has embraced technology in a way that has made our team more accessible to our clients, architects, engineers; and it has given us the freedom to spend more time impacting projects. We can work from any construction software platform.


Our Areas of Specialty Include:

:: Corporate Interiors
:: Industrial
:: Transportation
:: Education
:: Healthcare
:: Biotechnology
:: Hospitality


Our Philosophy

We believe that taking care of our clients is the only metric that matters in our business. Often times that means we spend a lot of time with clients on the front end to ensure we can align them with the right services to support their goals.


Our Mission

The goal of our team is to build on our core values of trust and respect to deliver a better experience for our clients. All competent construction companies will deliver the physical end result- that is not enough. We are unique in our approach because we value the experience as much as the finished product.


Safety is the Top Priority

Hannan Construction begins projects with site-specific safety plans that address safety concerns before they become issues. We believe that this is paramount to a successful project. Our team members are asked to work hard and trust that Hannan Construction will provide a well run jobsite. Trust is not taken lightly, and we hold ourselves accountable to provide a clean, safe, and efficient job site. During the enabling phase, we take measures to protect building systems, install adequate construction lighting, provide temporary power, and setup adequate operation facilities to maintain daily operations and receive material deliveries.

We will work with building management to properly coordinate deliveries and to maximize material staging. Logistics and planning have a significant impact on the flow of construction.